Mental Health

Mental health is critical to a person’s well-being, regardless of age or circumstance.  Everyone faces emotional difficulties at times and support is available for individuals who may be experiencing stress or other mental health issues related to significant life changes, health concerns or other issues.
Mental health services are provided in Greater Victoria through both community programs and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.  Mental health services may be accessed on an emergency basis, through referral from a physician, or via the Mental Health and Addiction Services Intake Line at VIHA.  

At Beacon Community Services, we offer counselling and mental health services for families and people of all ages. Our services cover a variety of mental health issues, including bereavement and drop-in psychosocial rehab services (offered at our Laurel House location).

There are a wide variety of mental health and addiction services in Greater Victoria and this section of Beacon Connects provides basic referral information for these services.  See also our section Other Community Services for other community-based services.

Emergency Services

Vancouver Island Crisis Line 1-888-494-3888

The Vancouver Island Crisis Line provides support for people in crisis and can connect them to emergency mental health services if necessary.

Integrated Mental Crisis Response Team 1-888-494-3888

This multidisciplinary VIHA team is accessed on an emergency basis through the Crisis Line.

Psychiatric Emergency Services 250-519-1528

Psychiatric Emergency Services are provided at the Archie Courtnall Centre and are accessed through the Emergency Room at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

VIHA’s Mental Health and Addiction Services

As we grow older, we may need help coping with existing or new mental health issues and VIHA provides specialized services to address those challenges.  Older Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services focuses on the mental health needs of seniors and includes:

All of VIHA’s Mental Health and Addiction Services, including those listed above, are accessed through a central intake line, which also refers clients to appropriate community care programs run by other organizations.

Mental Health and Addiction Services Intake Line 250-519-3485

In addition to acute and short-term services, VIHA offers several outpatient mental health and addiction services under the broad description of ongoing illness management, support and recovery services.

Community-Based Mental Health Services

Listed below are Mental Health and Counselling Services provided in Greater Victoria.  See also our list under Other Community Services.

BC Alcohol and Drug Referral Service 1-800-663-1441
BC Mental Health and Addiction Info Line 1-800-661-2121
HealthLinkBC 811
Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division 604-688-3234
Capital Mental Health Association 250-389-1263
Citizens' Counselling Centre 250-384-9934
Beacon Community Services
Adult Counselling and Mental Health
Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society 250-385-2635
Pacific Centre Family Services 250-478-8357