Accessing VIHA Services

Access to Home and Community Care services is available through the hospital as part of discharge planning, or through VIHA's General Enquiries Line at

Working with a VIHA Case Manager

A VIHA Case Manager assesses an individual's care needs, in part, by doing a detailed home visit. For some services a VIHA financial assessment will also be needed. It may be helpful to prepare a list of questions about the process and gather any relevant information prior to the home visit. It can also be helpful to have a family member or friend attend the assessment, to provide support and help with answering questions.

During the Case Manager's visit, topics of discussion and questions may include:

  • Health history and current health issues
  • Ability to cope with health care issues
  • Permission to contact family, doctor and others involved in an individual's care
  • Current medications
  • Current management of daily living such as eating and dressing
  • Family and social supports, such as friendships, churches and groups
  • Income

The Case Manager may ask to see:

  • Two pieces of identification
  • BC Care Card
  • Prescription medication
  • The name and phone number of doctor(s)
  • The name and address of a close relative or friend
  • Most recent income tax return or notice of assessment
  • War veteran and pension cheque stubs

Based on the assessment, the Case Manager will discuss:

  • Eligibility for specific VIHA services,
  • Health care needs
  • Any costs associated with VIHA services

Access to Home Support

If home support service through VIHA's Home and Community Care Program has been authorized by a Case Manager, a Beacon nurse will make a home visit to determine care needs. A personalized care plan will be developed with client input and will be updated as needed. A Community Health Worker will always follow the most up-to-date care plan to ensure the best care possible. A copy of the care plan should always be kept in an accessible place in the home.

Home support is planned to meet individual needs. Visits are a minimum of 30 minutes, but a VIHA Case Manager may authorize additional 15 minute increments as needed. Beacon will provide a weekly schedule which can also be viewed online. We can also schedule overnight and live-in options, as well as hourly service for convenience. Every effort will be made to grant scheduling requests but flexibility is appreciated.

Beacon Community Services Home Support Program can be contacted at:
2723 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4E5
Phone: 250-658-6407
Fax: 250-658-6417