Living Independently

Beacon Community Services supports the goal of many seniors to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.  Whether in a family home, supportive housing, or assisted living, we want to connect seniors with the services required to live independently.  

We are fortunate in Greater Victoria to have access to a full spectrum of care options and community supports.  There are both health-related support services and general community services available to assist in a safe and comfortable lifestyle at home.

Using a client-centred approach to care, we have created this website to help connect our home support clients and others in our community with the services available to help lead a positive and healthy life.  We have included a broad range of services which can be accessed to enhance quality of life and independence, whether living completely independently, in a supported environment or in a care facility.

Beacon Connects is divided into the following sections:

Home & Community Care
This section focuses on the health supports available outside of hospital care, including home support, health care services and other support services.

Medication & Drugs
Managing medications is an important part of living independently and this section provides information to help with this aspect of health management.

Dementia Care
Supporting those with dementia is a specialized area of care. We have provided information on dementia and caring for people with dementia as well as resources in the community.

As care needs change, changes at home or a move to a more appropriate form of housing may be required to maintain independence.  The housing section discusses the full range of options available, from home adaptations to complex care facilities.

Food & Meals
The focus of this section is on eating nutritious and appetizing meals. There is information on preparing meals, meal delivery and nutrition for those living in a care home.

Recreation & Social Activity
There are many opportunities available for recreation and social activity in Greater Victoria. This section of Beacon Connects has something for all interests and abilities.

Volunteer Services
There are several volunteer organizations in our community providing a broad range of services to support independence. These organizations also offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

Financial & Legal Resources
Financial and legal matters can become complicated. This section provides a simple overview of the resources available to assist with everything from home adaptations to income assistance and legal matters.

Home Safety & Equipment
Being safe and secure at home is a priority. This section includes referrals to organizations specializing in equipment and home safety, as well as a section on safety tips for each room of the house.

Caregivers’ Corner
Family caregivers are an integral part of helping family and friends to maintain their independence. We offer referrals and information to help those in this important role.

Transportation can become more challenging as we age or if our mobility is restricted. This section offers information on disability parking permits and safe alternatives to driving such as volunteer drives and public transportation.

General Referrals
No matter what the question, there are many people who will gladly assist and this section provides a list of basic referrals for everyday concerns.