Housing Options

In Greater Victoria, we are fortunate to have a full-range of housing options available. Beacon Community Services is a leader in the field of affordable housing and provides several excellent options for long-term care for seniors and those with disabilities.

Some housing for seniors and those with disabilities is provided on a subsidized basis for low-income seniors and has no additional services provided.  This is referred to as housing for independent living and can be accessed through a number of housing providers in Greater Victoria.  

For further information about independent housing, please contact the organizations listed below:

VIHA and its community partners offer a wide range of subsidized housing for those with a variety of care needs.  VIHA offers the following specialized programs:

The majority of clients, however, will require one of the following four increasing levels of care:

  1. Supportive Housing
  2. Assisted Living
  3. Licensed Dementia Care
  4. Complex Care

For information about financial assistance available for care facilities, please contact the VIHA General Enquiries Line at 250-388-2273.

Levels of Care

In order to make an informed decision about housing options, it is important to understand the different levels of care available. All levels of care are available at both private and not-for-profit facilities and may qualify for housing subsidies. 

While we have listed the options available from Beacon Community Services, we recognize there are many other excellent facilities available within Greater Victoria and they are all listed in the next section, Housing & Care Facilities.

1. Supportive Housing
This level of care is for those who choose to live independently with some optional support available. The types of support available will differ at each facility but may include meal service, housekeeping, laundry and social activities.  Clients must be able to direct their own care needs.

Beacon has two supportive housing facilities:

Wakefield Manor in Sidney provides affordable housing for seniors in need of an elevator-equipped, wheelchair and scooter accessible facility.

834 Johson Street contains an entire floor of 12 accessible, low-cost housing for disabled adults. Beacon Community Services purchased these units with support from BC Housing, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the Capital Regional District's Regional Housing Trust Fund.

For a list of other Supportive Housing options available go to Housing & Care Facilities.

2. Assisted Living
Assisted living clients must be able to direct their own care, but they may need help looking after some of their daily needs.  Although clients have private, self contained units, the facility must provide meal service, housekeeping, laundry, 24-hour emergency response and social and recreational opportunities.  Clients may also receive help in such activities as eating, dressing, bathing and medications.  All assisted living facilities must be registered with the Assisted Living Registrar of BC.

Beacon provides assisted living at:

SHOAL Centre in Sidney, is a Registered Assisted Living setting where seniors and people with disabilities can obtain all the necessary supports to maintain an independent lifestyle. Operated in conjunction with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, SHOAL Centre provides assistance with daily care, meals, housekeeping, laundry and activities.

For a list of other Assisted Living options available go to Housing & Care Facilities.

3. Licensed Dementia Housing
Dementia housing is a relatively new type of specialized care where clients with various forms of dementia live together in a family-like setting. It is based on a social model of care where residents are engaged in activities and cared for by specially trained staff.

Beacon Community Services is a leader in this type of housing and operates the only licensed dementia housing in Greater Victoria.

Brentwood House  - Brentwood House is a state-of-the-art residential dementia care setting located in Brentwood Bay. There are two new private-pay suites available, in addition to 14 publicly subsidized suites.  Brentwood House provides a wonderful environment for seniors in need of specialized dementia care.  It offers a community living option for people with dementia that are able to walk independently but who can no longer live safely in their home or assisted living, and who require additional security features and 24 hour care.

Sluggett House - Following the success of the Brentwood House concept, Beacon opened Sluggett House which offers similar care in a purpose built 16-unit facility.

4. Complex Care
Complex care clients require 24-hour care from a variety of care providers.  They also need extensive support services and may be receiving care at any one of several levels including Intermediate Care, Extended Care or Palliative Care. All Complex Care facilities must be licensed by the BC Government.

For a list of Complex Care options available go to Housing & Care Facilities.