Legal Resources

It is important to know and protect legal rights. While only a lawyer or notary can provide specific information about individual situations, we have included a number of resources which can provide help with various legal issues. Contact either the Law Centre Clinical Law Program or the Legal Services Society for assistance if legal advice is required but cannot be afforded.

Most of us know we should have an up-to-date will, but there are other legal documents which may apply as we age. These include, but are not limited to: power of attorney, representation agreement, adult guardianship documentation and advance directives. A legal professional or the NIDUS Personal Planning Resources Centre & Registry listed below can assist with these documents. NIDUS provides services free of charge.

General Legal Services  
Law Centre Clinical Law Program 250-385-1221
Legal Services Society 250-388-4516
Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia 250-356-8160
NIDUS Personal Planning Resource Centre & Registry  1-877-267-5552

Consumer and Fraud Protection
While most professionals and businesses operate with high ethical standards, there are unfortunately some who take advantage of the sick and elderly. Stop dealing with any business suspected of wrong-doing and report concerns to either of the following organizations:

Better Business Bureau  250-386-6348 
Consumer Protection BC